Prospecting on autopilot

Are you selling social media marketing, website development or search engine optimization services?

We will automate your prospecting process, and send you clients on autopilot.

If you don’t hear back from any prospect, your money back!

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If you don’t hear back from at least one prospect out of 500, you get a full refund!

Please note that you need a G Suite and a Mixmax account for email delivery.

In order to be eligible for the money back guarantee, you need to get your email template approved, and offer a free perk to your customers. We define the positive response as “anything that has a potential to move forward”. So “Don’t email me anymore” does not count, but “I don’t believe in social media marketing” can be a conversation starter if you just don’t give up and respond with data that will prove them wrong. Since we share with you a business directory from a state or a whole country upfront, and reserve your spot and pay for your audits, please note that we don’t offer a refund unless at least 500 emails (not including the follow ups) are sent, and at least 20 calls are made. After the calls, a “give us a call” or “send us the audit again” is considered a positive response as well. Please note that WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER YOU CLOSING THE DEAL, so our responsibility ends where you get either an email response, or a ‘call me’ request from us. It’s up to your sales skills after that point.

During the process, you shouldn’t delete responses you received from the prospect, and we need to always have access to your business email. Before starting the process, we need to get to 25 people for the audits to be generated, because this deal is valid for a minimum of 25000 audits. You can ask how far along we are in the process of getting to 25 people by sending an email to ekim.kaya at

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